Monday, October 26, 2009

War of the Ring

I recently bought GW's War of the Ring rulebook, and after reading through it I think it makes a better game than the strategy game. Of course, I don't need to buy much to get a reasonable army ( or two) together. In fact, for the time being I don't need to buy any new figures for this.

After sorting my LOTR figures I've decided to focus on two armies, with possible allies for each (up to 25% of the an army's points may be spent on allies). Continuing my theme from TAGCon 2009, I'm going to make an Isengard army, with Haradrim allies (no Mumak). And after a thorough check over of my forces of good, I'm building a Rohirrim army with Gondor and Elf allies.

Since Saturday I've put in a few hours on the first two formations of Rohirrim I'm building. These are both common formations, from the same sprues. Oathsworn militia, which come in two types - archers, and infantry. After about six hours of work on the 30 something miniatures I have available, They now stand at weapons and armour completed, along with the clothing. In all, 10 coats of paint across the various parts of the minis. I'm happy with the progress so far, but they still have a long way to go to be completed.

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