Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ambush Alley miniatures

Spent part of tonight basing the figures I'm using for Ambush Alley. They are (from left to right and from the back) Insurgents with small arms, Insurgent leaders, Insurgent RPGs, Insurgent Machine guns. All insurgents are played by Esci Vietcong. Next are Marines/Us Army. 3 x fire teams, and squad leaders. Represented by Modern US infantry. In front of them are a sniper team and two missile teams.Some random figures to represent civilian contractors, and similar. Panzer grenadiers are up next, 3 gruppes, and a sniper and missile team (all there just for Nigel).Finally, playing the role of various organizations are US special forces from Vietnam.

Last week I added Ambush Z to my AA collection, and realised that I needed Zombies in 1:72 scale to go with it. As there are very few available in this scale I ordered a Bag  Zombies babes from Amazon (as Nigel has Zombies and Zombie dogs from the Zombies board game already). Later I will add a Bag O Zombies, and  a Bag O Zombies Dogs and maybe a Bag O Skeletons as well

Sunday, June 26, 2011

AA building updates

I've begun to texture the buildings, by first adding pieces of the card shown in a previous post, then coating the walls in plaster. Once the plaster dried the first building was given a coat of Vallejo Iraqi Sand. I followed that with a heavy dry brush of white poster paint, so that some of the Iraqi sand shows through in the recesses.

The two pictures below show this. One is taken with the flash on, and the other under normal lighting. I'm not sure which is better as the flash shows the white as very bright.

I put the fire team in front to show the building size. The figures are modern US soldiers in 1:72 scale.

I've still got to plaster the roof, which I think I will require mixing the plaster rather than using a premixed tub. Also on the list of things to do on the building is painting the roof trapdoor, and adding texture to, and painting the base.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New boards

Following on from my last post, and my desire to return to Ambush Alley on a 3 x 3 board, I dug out a 3mm MDF sheet (Of which I have a large number) with the intention of painting it on both sides. The Idea behind this was to have a reversible board which could be used for both Ambush Alley, and Firestorm Armada.

Both sides were base-coated, one with black, the other with brown.

On the black side I followed it with a splatter effect of white (shake the brush at the board). This produced some streaks in places, rather than the straight spotting I wanted, so I had to go over the streaks with black to eliminate them. I was happy with the final result, as seen below

The other side I attacked with a sandy colour obtained from Resene ($2.00 Obsolete test pot), using the brush with a rough approach so that the paint was smeared, leaving traces of the basecoat showing. I hope this makes it look like windblown sand, and not just  mess, but it should look better with terrain on it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hajjis 2, Marines nil

Played another 2 games of Ambush Alley last night. Neither of us could figure out what went wrong as the marines fell to the insurgents in both games

The First game was over in less than half an hour, as one of my marines fire teams got shredded after cleaning out a hotspot, and the second team started taking casualties shortly after. Of course it was Nigel having incredible luck with the insurgent dice rolls.

Reset, and after slow start I was getting good rolls with the insurgents, but not great. Fortunately, Nigel started rolling badly with the marines on defense, with one team getting cut down one move short of the contractors. RPG fire on the overwatch team began to take it's toll, and Nigel also conceded.

One of the problems with the game may have been the size of the board we were using, as it was a 4 x 4, rather than a 3 x 3. The terrain being more open than it would have on a smaller board seemed to favour the insurgents. Next time round we'll go back to the 3 x 3, as I will take a board of my own, instead of using a club board.