Monday, February 14, 2011

A quick update

Once again it's been a while since I posted.

Of course things have been a bit busy, with finding a new house, and moving. Most of my wargaming stuff is currently in storage in the garage/basement, so I have very little to work on, and next to no desire to paint at present.

During this hiatus I have added to my collection. My PoM force has just received the addition of the High Reclaimer, and his epic identity as Testament of Menoth.

I have also added two more games from Ambush Alley Games, in the form of Force on Force (AA with regulars vs regulars), and the pre-release PDF of  Tomorrows War - the scifi expansion for force on force. I recently printed them out, and with a little help from my boss, bound them.

Just before Xmas I took the plunge and ordered Firestorm Armada from maelstrom in the UK. After reading the book and seeing the photos within of the fleets available, it seems my main buying project for this year will be my Terran Alliance fleet. I'm that impressed with the models that I've done something I don't normally do. I've offered to paint  Nigel's Dindrenzi fleet when he gets it.

I'm hoping to start posting a bit more regularly once I get the garage/basement sorted, as i hope to set a table up in the basement and be able to play games there without having to constantly move things on off the dining table in the house.