Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another wooden spoon

Due to a lack of venue Adam (Christchurch's pressganger) moved Monstercon 3 to Timaru.

Over 4 rounds I watched my score fall further and further behind.

First round, I got a lesson in how tough a gator force is (Hordes Minions).

Second round against Scott, I  had him in position for an assassination victory, but couldn't prevent a scenario win by him.In my turn he would had Magnus catching a Reckoner with full focus to the face, through Testament's feat. I think I will play some more games using Testament in the future.

The Third round was sacrifice, and although I was facing Richard, I felt I was facing Nigel (Gunline does NOT equal funline, unless you play Cygnar). a mistake left Kreoss in the open with a hunter lining him up for the kill.

Fourth round had me facing another Cygnar army, and another death for Kreoss.

I was the only one to walk away from the day with no wins, so I guess that's another wooden spoon for the collection. And my thoughts about the future of my Menoth force? Knights Errant and Idrian Skirmishers for some shooting, and play a few more games with Testament. But more importantly, play Firestorm Armada, I had more fun playing a half game of that than a full tournament of Warmachine/Hordes. (must save money for a fleet)