Thursday, June 18, 2009

Uruk forces are growing

After a slack month, where I've just been touching up the already painted Isengard forces I have I've finally begun to paint the other pieces I own. After my first game of LoTR I came to the conclusion that what my Uruks really need are more ranged weapons.
One trip to toyworld later, and just getting in before they sent their order to GW, I was waiting for 3 packs of uruks with crossbows. Two weeks later, and the order arrives from GW australia, with everything but my uruks. Another two weeks, and my uruks are now at toyworld, waiting for me to pay for them.
In the meantime, I went browsing though trademe, looking at LoTR auctions, and found a load of Uruk scouts going cheap. $26.50 inc. postage, and I have 38 scouts in my possession. Hmmmm, crossbows and bows with my uruks?, and uruks hit on a 4+ instead of the 5+ of normal orcs? Might just have to stand back, and see if my ranged attacks can take those pesky Elves, Men and Dwarves down before committing my melee troops to action.
Of course, half the scouts were already painted, which means I need to get them stripped down to restart the painting, and have them match the rest of my uruks. They've been sitting in simple green for just over a day, and I've tested one them with an old toothbrush. Some of the paint is coming off, but not all, so I'll leave them for another day and revisit them. If that doesn't work, I'll leave them over the weekend, and take them out on monday.
I'm also planning on providing terrain for three or four tables at TAGcon, and currently have enough for two, with two more being worked on. I dug out the Mines of Moria terrain I started along time ago, and began to rework that, adding more workings, and raised mounds.
And just to prove that my insanity streak is growing, I began working on a Weathertop terrain piece, which, when it's finished, will be almost enough to be a 4*4 table in itself.