Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another unproductive week

I haven't accomplished much in the way of work on my miniatures in the last week or so.

I usually rinse my brushes under the tap in the bathroom when I'm painting, as it's only a couple of steps away from my work area, and it saves having containers of water within flailing distance, but the drainpipe on the basin split last week. A new pipe is in place, but is not connected to trap outside as it is 300mm of concrete to drill through, and the plumber cant lean on the end of a dynadrill at present due to a damaged shoulder.

My main work has been planning out some new terrain for Necromunda, to be made from MDF (due to acquiring a large supply of it).

It's taken a while to get this photo. My three year old daughter loves to watch me paint, and if she gets the chance she'll grab a brush, and a painted mini, and pretend to paint.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rescue Mission x2

Two rescue missions in one night. The first when Ash tried to rescue his lost Escher, the second with John trying to recover a captured Juve.

The first game against Ash took longer to set up than to play. Two turns in luck was with one of my sentries, as he stepped to edge of a platform, and the random direction roll left him facing the the two Eschers below him. the dice roll for spotting distance left him staring straight down at the Escher leaders head. Being a good member of the gang he promptly raised the alarm - by putting a boltshell from his shotgun through the Escher's head. The ground level sentry was staring in the right direction, and reacted to the shot, by levelling his autogun, and blowing a hole in the chest of the leader's companion.

Ash began the next turn by making a bottle test. Disapointment reigned around the table as everybody groaned at the result. End of game. One well-used Escher ganger sold into slavery, and a free shotgun in my stash.

John steps up, and prepares to recover his lost juve. Two hours of solid gunfire follow, and John wins, taking his juve back. His only bottle test was immediately before winning, and he passed.
A very tough game, whose highlights included two three story plunges to ground. My particular favourite part of the game was John's heavy stubber. After scoring seven successful hits with it in the previous game, it was ineffective this time, with only one or two hits. My Marksman was stood in the open for a long time, taking round after round of sustained fire from the stubber, but not one wound. Four turns of fire, pinned every turn until his leader turned up, and never falling to the heavy stubber. A real hero, until he ran out of ammo after two turns of shooting.

On another note, my rotating bridge had been built by this time, and was ready to use, although not fully painted. It received a lot of ooh's and aah's when it was placed on the table. I'll post some more photos, with an article on the next stage of it's construction soon.