Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short update

I've gone back to painting my Blood Angels lately, after playing Ash in a game of Blood Angels vs Blood Angels.(It ended in a draw)

I'm currently working on one of my devastator squads. It already had 3 elements finished - The sergeant and two missile launchers. The remaining elements are coming along nicely at present, and will look better than the rest when they are finished. This is because i have changed my approach to painting and now work on what I am inspired tp paint rather then forcing myself to work on the next thing on my list

The downside to this is that with my new approach, everything will look better than previous work. Long term, this means that I am going to have to rework almost my entire blood angels army. Squad by Squad into the simple green for stripping, and then repaint the units. I am going to have to put a small investment into my painting gear soon, and buy an airbrush and compressor

On another note, I have the new Tyranids codex, and my first thought was seroiusly disapointed in it. Where are my flesh hooks? In fact, where are half my mutations? Why do I now have too many Hormagaunts and Termagants (Max brood size has shrunk). The new codex means a major reoganization for existing tyranid players, with the only gain being the new units.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Return of the Damned

I gave in recently, and bought my first White Dwarf in over a year, mainly because it tied in with the release of the new Tyranids. In it I found the new rules for the Legion of the Damned for 40K.

My first thought was I wouldn't mind running a squad of them in a battle or two, although I don't think they are legal in a Blood Angels army. Of course I can't just go out and buy a box of them at present, but I have had a box of them stashed away for years. These are the older models, still packing the chunky style bolters from 2nd edition. Still cheaper than buying a new box.

I've assembled them overthe last couple of days, and had been planning on using one the  new style plasma cannons for the heavy weapon in the squad. A quick test fit with the cannon revealed that old school devastator bodies are not compatible with  the cuurent style of marine heavy weapons. So I guess my legion squad are going to be like half my blood angels force - retro. The heavy has the shoulder mounted Heavy bolter.

The Legion squad will get a test run on wednesday when I take on Ash with a 1500 point force.

Hopefully my new Tyranids Codex and Vampire Counts army book will arrive soon, and I can reorganize those two armies so i know where I stand. and of course the new Blood Angels codex in April