Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doc Ock is alive and well - and living in the under hive

I've been adding to my necromunda collection lately, including more eschers, and a delaque gang.

The eschers are all bare metal, and will be painted when I feel the inspiration, but that will have to wait as I plan to get a set of bases from Iron Halo and refit all my Eschers to that set.

The Delaques were a sight to behold. For a gang that is supposed to be sneaky, and hide in the shadows, they stood out a bit. They looked more like hippies with tie-dyed overcoats, and guns. Soon to be stripped, and repainted when the urge takes me.

I've also acquired a couple of  hired guns for my collection, in the form of two scummers, and a second beastmaster Wyrd.

On to the subject of the title. With the small necromunda kick happening I finally got around to building my Spyrer patriarch. It changed a bit from my initial plan as I looked over what I had ready, and made a few observations. A pair of  catachan lasguns had their stocks removed before being added to pipes, and the powerclaws were made from offcuts from a space marine backpack, and the talons from a set of lightning claws

As you can see, the figure came out looking a bit like Doctor Octopus, hence the title. It still requires some work with greenstuff to fill in some gaps and sculpt on a few extra details