Saturday, July 18, 2009

Project Menoth begins

I've finally made a start on Project Menoth. Two of the miniatures in my collection have been sprayed, and the first two coats of paint have been applied. I decided to start with the robes of each figure, and work my way out from there.
The first figure is one of the knights exemplar, as a test piece. I have been making notes of the colours used as i go, so I can reproduce the same scheme on the rest of the unit. This is a far cry from my usual painting approach, as I tend to paint an entire unit without a test piece first. Of course most of what I have painted has been for my two 40K armies, and have been fairly straight forward. The scheme for my tyranids was in the codex, and blood angels? Who are we kidding, red with black trim.
Anyway, the exemplar has had his robes painted with Sanguine base, followed by Sanguine highlight. Although its not very clear in the picture, I will build a couple more layers of highlighting on the robes before i am satisfied, as I want this army to be some of my best work.
The cleanser also started with the robes, using Menoth white base and highlight.
The highlight hasn't come out as crisp as I would like, and I will apply another coat of it before adding a final highlight with Tamiya gloss white.
I've also been assembling the minis slowly, so the rest of the two units, along with my jacks, solos, and casters will all be ready to paint after these two figures are finished.
Although I haven't done anything to the bases yet, I've decided to put a layer of sand on each, and then build them up a little with some (unused) kitty litter, and maybe some slab like pieces of plasticard, to simulate a desolate wasteland.
I've also got another couple of figures on the way. A light warjack, able to be configured as two variations. Another Crusader. A paladin of the Order of the Wall. And finally, Kreoss and Severius again.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hive war at TAG

Last wednesday, Ash began a Necromunda Campaign down at the club. I decided to run my Eschers on the first night, but for most of the campaign I will be running a Spyrer gang as I will not be able to make most of the game nights.
I've also purchased the first miniatures for a new project for my Necromunda set. It's been on my list of things to do for a long time, and was originally going to be a WH40K project. Now, the idea has been scaled down to a Necromunda project as I don't really want to build another 40K army, and Necromunda seems like a good place to begin this type of project.
We spent the weekend in CHCH, and I visited Comics (Looking for Menoth stuff, but they were sold out) and decided to buy what I needed for this project. I have long wondered why GW never translated the Skaven forces to the 40K universe. As a result of this not happening officially, I decided that I would take this project on myself.
With plenty of spare guns lying around, arming them is not a real problem. I decided that nightrunners would be more suited for the image I have in mind for them, so I bought a box. A couple of hours later I bought a warpfire thrower also. Of course, I will also have to write the rules for this gang myself, and that will form part of this project also. I still plan to add some of the other Skaven specific weapons to the list, specifically, Poison wind globadiers, and maybe a Ratling gun and Jezzails.

New Menoth figures for my force

Over the last couple of weeks I came into some extra money, and decided to purchase a few new items for my Menoth force. half price items on Trademe were very tempting, and I bought the extras I wanted.
First purchase was a card deck, along with the Cygnar deck for Nigel. A week later I bought a box of deliverers, (now I need to get a couple of blisters to fill out the unit) and a few days after I bought an Avatar, and a Guardian.
Project Menoth will be resumed after TAGcon, as I plan to devote myself to two game systems only for a while. One of these is Warmachine, and the other will be Necromunda.

Steady Progress

My Uruk's are coming along nicely, and should be ready by TAGcon. Scouts are finished, most of the Uruk infantry also. The Crossbows have had their first coat of paint, and the last of the Wargs and riders are based and ready to begin. I just have one more figure to make - a Warg Rider standard bearer.
My LoTR terrain hasn't moved much in the last couple of weeks, but I will get back to that after the minis are painted.