Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm back

It's been over a month since I posted anything, due to various things, mostly work taking up my time.
Anyway, at Timaru Armchair Generals we announced our tournament date at the start of april, and listed what games we are planning on running. The competitions planned are :- WH40k, Warmachine, LOTR, and Bloodbowl. It's taken me most of the time since then to decide what i wanted to play, finally settling on LOTR.
I've decided it's to be LOTR because - 1. I can't be bothered learning to play 40k again (5th edition), 2. The chances of my Menoth army being ready lie somewhere between slim and no chance, and 3. I had enough of bloodbowl many years ago, and I don't like some of the changes to rules as they now stand.
At least with LOTR I have about half of my minis painted, and the scheme for the army I'm planning on fielding is reasonably straightforward to paint. I have very little experience playing, but the rules are simple , and it shouldn't take long to pick up, (even if my tactical skill doesn't). And the best thing is, it gives me the motivation I've been lacking to get back to painting. So expect a few articles on LOTR, and Isengard forces over the next couple of months.
Another note on tournaments came up last night at the club. Owen (Payne), has decided to run a Warmachine Battlebox tournament in January. Very simple in idea. No need to build a big army to x points, all you need is a starter box for any particular army. And the prize? a battlebox.