Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ambush Alley miniatures

Spent part of tonight basing the figures I'm using for Ambush Alley. They are (from left to right and from the back) Insurgents with small arms, Insurgent leaders, Insurgent RPGs, Insurgent Machine guns. All insurgents are played by Esci Vietcong. Next are Marines/Us Army. 3 x fire teams, and squad leaders. Represented by Modern US infantry. In front of them are a sniper team and two missile teams.Some random figures to represent civilian contractors, and similar. Panzer grenadiers are up next, 3 gruppes, and a sniper and missile team (all there just for Nigel).Finally, playing the role of various organizations are US special forces from Vietnam.

Last week I added Ambush Z to my AA collection, and realised that I needed Zombies in 1:72 scale to go with it. As there are very few available in this scale I ordered a Bag  Zombies babes from Amazon (as Nigel has Zombies and Zombie dogs from the Zombies board game already). Later I will add a Bag O Zombies, and  a Bag O Zombies Dogs and maybe a Bag O Skeletons as well

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