Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another extended silence broken

I'm still as hopeless as ever. Ten months of silence isn't good.

Anyway, in the time since my last post I have put in a great deal of time DMing 2nd edition AD&D. It started off with a pair of wild boars (juveniles) almost taking the party out on their way to their first mission. The same mission also created the famous shit-on-a-stick first aid approach to stabilizing fallen party members. Along the way one of the party members got taken out by another when affected by bloodrage. It finished with the group's mage (and budding arsonist) gaining access to what he needed to become one of the most powerful mages on my world.

I'm grateful to the guys of the group as they helped me explore the world I've been creating for the last four years.

Since the campaign wound up at the end of January, Owen has taken the reins of the group, and we are know in the Iron Kingdoms. This meant miniatures, and when Owen put an order away to Privateer Press, I asked for the Bastian Kinnet model. During march I worked on this mini, and made a start on a possible backup character for Owen's campaign. I believe I did a pretty good job of painting the mini (unfortunately I have not been able to take a decent photo of it yet, pics will follow when I do get some good shots), and didn't want to go with simple base. Searching the rulebook, I found the symbol of Morrow (my character is Knight, and priest of Morrow), and fashioned a flagstone base from plasticard. I etched the symbol into the flagstone, then painted it in grey, with a black wash in the carved area to bring out the symbol.

To try and get some motivation for painting I have decided the work on different armies each month. March was IK Minis. April is .... not sure yet.

Meantime, I'm looking at getting two more armies started:- A Dystopian Wars fleet, maybe Prussian; and an Infinity force, that is seriously looking like PanOceania military orders (Knights, backed by order sergeants and fusiliers).

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