Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kreoss Marches on

I've put in a few sessions on Project Menoth in the last two weeks, and the Battlebox is beginning to take shape. Kreoss has now been assembled, basecoated, and now his robes have been painted along with his armour. The jacks have had their hydraulics painted, armour finished, and now the trim on the armour (red) has been completed.

Obviously there is still a lot more work to do on the battlebox, but they will taken on their second outing tomorrow. Their first was about a week ago, against Nigel's mangled metal list. naturally that was not a battlebox list, at least 50 points more than my list, but it taught me a few things about the game. I also learned that lamentation is very good spell against Haley. Once Kreoss was in range for the spell, he shut down her turtle very effectively. I did get hammered, as the long guns on his two light jacks put my jacks down quickly, but they did provide enough cover for Kreoss to close with the ironclad, and pound it into scrap metal.

Despite the defeat I enjoyed the game, and am looking forward to many more games of warmachine. Tomorrow is my training game with Owen before the battlebox tournament, which takes place on the following 2 wednesdays.

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